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Our Impact

At Saving 9, we believe in community mobilization and self-sufficiency. Our programs are designed to build community capacity for self-care, through citizen trainings, working with local government to design programs, and reaching children through partnerships with local schools.

Who We Are

Saving 9, incorporated in November 2017, works to ensure the physical and mental safety of Pakistan’s citizens by enabling them with the tools, resources and knowledge needed to save a life. Through extensive medical training, consultancy, and sustainable emergency medical response systems, we aim to empower communities with inadequate access to healthcare services. Our interdisciplinary team includes Fulbright scholars, as well as medical first responders, doctors, counsellors, curriculum and teaching experts, teacher educators and urban planners.

What We Do

Youth MFR

To ensure the safety of the future of our country, Saving9 provides tailored courses in First Aid and safety to children. With an aim to educate youth on how to protect themselves and the people around them, the Youth MFR course ensures accident response and safety for young people that are vulnerable to accident and injury.

Adult MFR

With an aim to ensure the safety of citizens and increase emergency response capacity, the Adult MFR Course offers an extensive and interactive training in everything from injury assessment, resuscitation, trauma management and shifting patients. Including medical, psychological, and special patient emergencies, this course guarantees a certified and professional response to life-threatening accidents.

MFR for

To ensure the safety of employees at the workplace, Saving9’s MFR Course for Organizations helps equip offices with the right tools and skills needed to ensure safety at every workplace. To further ensure a secure working environment, this course is customizable to organizational needs and worker safety protocols.

Mental Health
Education Services

Psychological emergencies can be just as deadly as medical emergencies, and to ensure preparedness and response capability, Saving9’s Mental Health Education Services equip individuals and organizations with a comprehensive knowledge of and training for dealing with mental emergencies for those around them.

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Our Blog

The Saving9 blog highlights our projects and our people as we continue the pursuit of building communities of care around Pakistan. With regular updates on our projects and our collective experience as members of a larger community, the blog is our channel to showcase what we learn and what we can teach you.