Saving 9

Life Saving Workshops

Transforming lives through first-aid and basic life support knowledge.

First-aid Skills Save Lives

Every day, there are events around you that can result in serious injury and can further aggravate to becoming fatal.

Our life-saving training workshops focus on providing immediate care to sick or injured patients until full medical help is available.

Train With a Name You Can Trust

Our courses are developed using the most up-to-date research and a commitment to quality. Our quality assurance plan ensures that we consistently deliver our training to a high standard. Our lead trainers have collectively trained over 500 people over a timespan of 4 years. 

Why Take Our Workshops?

We are the chosen first aid training provider for over three dozen organizations in Pakistan. We have experience of over 4 years in providing life-saving workshops to multiple institutions and organizations throughout the country.

How to Join

Our programs are curated in such a manner to be wallet-friendly. Our BLS course starts from Rs. 3000. The fees may be deposited to Saving 9’s bank account or maybe submitted in cash to our representatives during the training session.