Saving 9

About Us

Saving 9 works to ensure the physical and mental safety of Pakistani citizens by enabling them with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to save a life. Through extensive medical training, consultancy, and sustainable emergency medical response systems, we aim to empower communities with inadequate access to healthcare services

Pakistan needs change. We make it happen.

Prevention is better than a cure. That is why our efforts are centered around providing first aid and basic physical and mental health education. It is also why we work closely with schools and teachers to create nurturing environments for students. By providing communities with the capacity to better take care of themselves from within, we are mitigating current and future generations from the damage being caused by decades of neglect in health and education in Pakistan. Our interdisciplinary team includes Fulbright scholars, as well as first responders, doctors, counsellors, curriculum and teaching experts, teacher educators and urban planners.

Core Team

Zainab Zaheer

Director Marketing

Usama Javed Mirza

CEO & Principal Founder

Saima Sayyed

Director Training


AD Development Operations


Director Development Operations


Director Mental Health Initiatives


Director Grants & International Operations

Our Advisors

Bhrigu Pankaj Prashar

Dr. Mohsin Ali Mustafa

Dr. Carolyn Riehl

Timothy Todd Shea

Fahd Kakakhel

Sayyed Ahmad Masud

Dr. Farah Qadir

Shaiza Rizavi

Haider Hussain