Saving 9

Education Consultancy

Saving 9 focuses on improving education outcomes for all.

Consultancy done right

We are an education consultancy unlike any other. Our commendable work has made possible to change the lives of thousands of students by assisting them in achieving their academic goals.

A name you can trust

We have built cordial relationships with the best institutions around the globe so you as a student can receive all the assistance required to get to your dream destination geographically and educationally.

Scholarship applications

We are the chosen first aid training provider for over three dozen organizations in Pakistan. We have experience of over 4 years in providing life-saving workshops to multiple institutions and organizations throughout the country.

Our Services

  • Character Aptitude Test
  • Essay Review
  • Scholarship Application
  • Resume Review
  • Internship placement
  • Fellowship program
  • Career guidance