Sitaron Ka Sahara

Education Needs Change, Let's make it Happen!

The Problem, at a Glance

Our Solution

Sitaron ka Sahara focuses on improving the socio-emotional needs of students. This initiative will transform how teachers communicate with students, breeding a culture of empathy. This campaign aims to create safe and inclusive campuses. Eventually, schools will become hubs that support students in tackling mental health challenges.

How we know this works

In 2019 we did a 6 month long pilot that proved what is possible. We worked with 41 teachers from 5 schools in rural Islamabad. By helping them transform their classroom practices and school culture we found dramatic improvement in:

  • Academic performance
  • Reduction in corporal punishment
  • Teacher-student relations.
  • Teaching methods

Our Partners


Education needs change. We are making it happen. Through the tireless efforts of our team, the coalition and the multiple stakeholders that have supported the Sitaron ka Sahara campaign we have and are continuing to make great progress to advocate for the socio-emotional needs of students. 


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